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Piper Plastics Corp. is the premier dip coating and molding company in the world.

We are MIT-trained engineers waiting to find solutions to your problems. Additionally, our primary management team has over 80 person-years of combined experience in processing plastisol.
We have in-house capability to do all of our plastisol formulating, tooling design, machinery design, and process development. We’re big enough to pass on economies of scale and small enough to be nimble. We cheerfully anticipate and respond to our customers’ needs and requests. 

Piper’s technology, quality, and responsiveness make us your ideal plastisol dip molding and dip coating partner. 

Call us anytime to discuss your projects, and see why Piper Plastics Corp. is the “Gold Standard” in plastisol dip molding and coating. We’re Piper Plastics, and we’re the Big Dippers!

dip molded enema tips by Piper Plastics Corp.

"Leveraging our technical competence and expertise enables us to specialize in more technically complex moldings, and coatings like nasal cannula and spring reinforced tubing. However, we are still very competent a producing less challenging items like caps, grips, and tool handle coatings."