dip molded bar suppliesA cost-effective and simple way to make prototypes, dip molding is a method to produce a durable and flexible end product. This technique can make creating a small run of prototypes for use and testing much more affordable, allowing you to make minor changes and alterations to refine the finished product with ease.

As businesses create new products, there will always be testing and revisions involved. A prototype is the first proof on concept, and tweaking this initial design allows inventions to evolve into real, useful products. Since a number of these initial variations will never be sold or mass produced, it’s usually best to find affordable ways of producing them and then invest more in the finalized product design once it’s ready.


Dip molding provides a number of benefits for businesses that want to make prototypes. The first is cost. Dip molding can create prototypes at a low production cost using a basic mold, allowing small runs to be produced at a more reasonable cost.


Dip molded prototypes can also be delivered in a short period of time. This helps businesses quickly learn what their product will look like and order alterations as needed. Businesses can also create different version of the prototype, such as in different colors of finishes, out of the same mold, again lowering cost.


Finally, dip molding features a wide range of properties, such as hardness, clarity and electrical insulation. There are many benefits to dip molding for businesses of all sizes, but especially for small businesses that are in the process of creating, testing and refining new products before sending them out to market.

At Piper Plastics, we specialize in providing quality dip molding and coating service at competitive prices. We continually work to improve our equipment, technologies, materials and internal processes to provide the best customer service possible. If you have a prototype you would like to build with dip molding, or would like to learn more about creating test products with this convenient technology, give us a call at 800-966-9919.

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