Dip Molded Stethoscope Tubing

See How We Turn Ideas Into Useful Products at Piper

Over the years, we’ve used thermoplastic processing techniques to make a wide variety of products—from medical-grade nasal cannula to watertight electrical fittings and heavy-duty items for the military. But before these products can become a reality, they start out as ideas in the minds of our customers. Before we start dip molding, we work closely

A Brief History of PVC

A Brief History of PVC

Let’s take a walk down PVC memory lane, shall we? While many people may not realize just how long the synthetic plastic has been around, there is actually a host of evidence that shows PVC (polyvinyl chloride) was first created at least a century ago. The story peculiarly begins in two separate years—1838 and 1872—when

Learn More About the Materials We Use at Piper Plastics

Recently, we shared a video that offers an up-close look at our plastisol dip molding process. Now, we’d like to give you another look at the various materials we use when dip molding and coating. Although plastisol is the most common material we work with, we use a number of other materials for specialized applications

Plastisol Dip Coating Examples by Piper Plastics Corp.

Take an Up-Close Look at the Plastisol Dip Molding Process

You’ve already seen some of the great products we’re able to make with our plastisol dip molding process, but now we’d like to show you the innards of the system that makes it all possible. That’s why we made a video to provide a detailed look at the three essential components of our dip molding

stethoscope tubing by Piper Plastics Corp.

Watch How We Create Dip Molded Medical Devices

Of all the products we manufacture here at Piper Plastics, we’re especially proud of the ones we create for the medical device industry. Whether it’s colorful stethoscope tubing, comfortable nasal cannula or anesthesia mask cushions, we know that these products are going to help physicians provide their patients with the best care available. Now, you

Vinyl Plastisol: Ideal for Electrical Applications

Vinyl Plastisol: Ideal for Electrical Applications

Since Piper Plastics began using dip molding techniques more than 50 years ago, we’ve found a wide variety of industrial applications for this versatile manufacturing process. From precision medical appliances to military-grade equipment, we can make just about anything with dip molded vinyl plastisol. Electrical fittings and connectors, however, are particularly well-suited to plastisol dip

dip molded nasal cannula by Piper Plastics Corp.

Dip Molded Nasal Cannulas – All About Comfort

Here at Piper Plastics, we proudly produce a wide range of medical components using our dip molding technology. One of the medical products most frequently manufactured is the dip molded nasal cannula. What is a Nasal Cannula? Used in every hospital across the US, you are sure to have seen nasal cannulas – both on

How to Create a Custom Dip Molded or Dip Coated Part

When you look at dip molded stethoscope tubing or a dip coated plumbing fitting, you probably don’t think about the process that goes into making it. There is a thorough development process behind every custom dip molded or coated part – a process that ranges in time from hours to weeks. Here at Piper Plastics,

history of dip molding

A Brief History of Dip Molding

A technique now used in the plastic manufacturing industry to coat electrical fittings, medical equipment, tool handles and more in plastisol; dip molding began thousands of years ago with the creation of wax candles and figurines. The first candles were made using a rudimentary dip molding technique that involved the dipping of a small piece

dip molded bar supplies

Dip Molding – A Great Option for Prototypes

A cost-effective and simple way to make prototypes, dip molding is a method to produce a durable and flexible end product. This technique can make creating a small run of prototypes for use and testing much more affordable, allowing you to make minor changes and alterations to refine the finished product with ease. As businesses