How to Create a Custom Dip Molded or Dip Coated Part

When you look at dip molded stethoscope tubing or a dip coated plumbing fitting, you probably don’t think about the process that goes into making it. There is a thorough development process behind every custom dip molded or coated part – a process that ranges in time from hours to weeks. Here at Piper Plastics,

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Dip Molding – A Great Option for Prototypes

A cost-effective and simple way to make prototypes, dip molding is a method to produce a durable and flexible end product. This technique can make creating a small run of prototypes for use and testing much more affordable, allowing you to make minor changes and alterations to refine the finished product with ease. As businesses

Medical Dip Moldings and Coatings

What Types of Medical Products Are Made by Dip Molding?

Dip molding has become a popular manufacturing method for products in many industries. This popularity arises from the reliability and affordability of the process. The medical industry, in particular, uses dip molding for a number of medical products. In fact, it is fair to say that health care as we know it would not exist

What was the Original Purpose of Plastisol?

Made from a mix of plastic and plasticizer, plastisol is an incredibly versatile substance. Flexible and durable, this substance has a wide variety of uses, including many applications for outdoor use on roofs or furniture. While it seems like a modern technology, plastisol actually has roots going back more than 100 years. The first step

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Dip Molding vs. Dip Coating

Although the terms “dip molding” and “dip coating” sound very similar and require the same materials, they are actually two different processes used to create and improve products in a variety of industries. Dip molding involves the dipping of a mandrel into a liquid polymer to create a new plastic product while dip coating involves

Piper Receives Quality Award from Covidien

June 16th, 2014 – Jerusalem – Today, at Covidien’s “Quality begins with me” vendor forum, Piper Plastics Corp. was awarded the prestigious “Critical Difference Award” for quality. Piper manufactures very complex and precise dip moldings for use with Covidien’s patient monitoring solutions, which provide the only integrated, complete picture of a patient’s oxygenation and ventilation