Piper’s Plastics Corporate Manufacturing Videos

Watch these videos to learn more about our dip molding or powder coating processes. We offer a range of materials and product development.

Piper's Corporate Video

Here at Piper Plastics, we create dip molded and dip coated products like electrical fittings, plumbing fittings, stethoscope tubing and enema tips.

What is Dip Molding?

A process where a heated metallic mandrel is submerged and withdrawn from a tank of liquid PVC, dip molding created products like nasal cannulas, medical connectors and spring reinforced tubes.

What is Dip Coating?

Dip coating adds a comfortable, conformal coating to parts to pre-made parts like tools, medical instruments and plumbing fittings.

What is Fluidized Bed Powder Coating?

A process where a pre-heated part is dipped into a tank of fluidized thermoplastic powder, fluidized bed powder coating adds a durable, conformal coating to your pre-made part.

Medical Dip Molding

When dip molding medical parts Piper Plastics focuses on clarity and biocompatibility. All of our dip molded medical parts are checked for blemishes, to provide you with only the best possible medical components.

Components of a Plastisol Dip Molding System

Ever wonder how plastisol is processed in dip molding and dip coating? The ovens, dipping axis system and plastisol tank all play key roles.

Materials We Process

Plastisol, fluidized bed PVC powder and nylon powder can all be used when developing products through dip molding and dip coating.

Product Development

Ever wondered what goes into the development of a dip molded or dip-coated product?