Plastisol Information and Specifications:

Piper uses plastisols in its Dip Coating, Dip Molding, Rotational Molding, and Casting processes.

PLASTISOL is a liquid at room temperature. It is comprised of three main ingredients, PVC resin(s), a plasticizer package, and stabilizer package. Additives such as colorant, antimicrobials, textures, flame retardants, etc. can be added for enhanced properties. At the proper processing temperature, the liquid suspension fuses into semi-rigid vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) never to liquefy again. Plastisol compounds are extraordinarily versatile. Piper can formulate plastisol, allowing us to make exactly what our customers need for their jobs.

Durometer35A – 95A (Shore)
ToxicityNon-toxic to USP Class VI are available
Ultimate Elongation400%
Max Useful TemperatureStandard 200 F — High Temp Formula 300+ F
Low Temp Flexibility -35 F
Dielectric Strengthapproximately 400 Volts/mil
Outdoor ExposureGood
ColorsAll – Including  Metallic, Luminescent & Phosphorescent effects
Textures All – Including High Gloss 
Chemical Resistance Alphabetic Listing (click here)

Piper can provide more detailed physical specifications for a particular Plastisol upon request.