PVC Powder Information and Specifications:

Piper uses PVC Powders in its Fluidized Bed Coating process.

PVC POWDER (Vinyl, PVC, or polyvinyl chloride) is a coating material that can be applied to any substrate that can withstand the process temperature of about 400F. Piper applies it using the fluid bed method. At the process temperature, the powder fuses into solid Vinyl. PVC compounds are extraordinarily versatile. Piper can formulate its own, giving us the ability to make exactly what we need for your job. Your Vinyl is tailored for your requirements.

Durometer 70A – 90A (Shore)
Toxicity non-toxic available
Ultimate Elongation 300%
Max Useful Temperature approx. 200F
Low Temp Flexibility  -35 F
Dielectric Strength approx. 400 Volts Per Mil
Outdoor Exposure Good
Color Range All Colors
Finish Glossy 
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Piper can provide more detailed physical specifications for a particular PVC Powder upon request.