Oftentimes when companies are looking to have their products coated in plastisol they use the term “Plasti Dip®” to describe what they are looking for. And although the words plastisol and Plasti Dip® sound very similar, they describe two very different processes.

Plasti Dip® is a solvent-based name brand product that do-it-yourselfers often use to fix items that are in need of repair or an extra layer of insulation. Flexible and easy to remove, it is perfect for repairing a single tool with a damaged grip.

For companies looking to have their products coated in a professional, long-lasting, protective, non-slip coating, Piper Plastics offers an incredibly durable solution called dip coating. Like Plasti Dip®, our plastisol dip coating can be applied to a wide variety of items, including tools and automotive parts.  Unlike Plasti Dip®, our plastisol does not contain any solvents, making it much more durable.  During production, your products can be primed to ensure that the vinyl adheres to your parts in the tightest bond possible. Then they will be dipped in the plastisol liquid, forming an adhesive bond that can meet US military specifications.

After the plastisol coating has cooled, you will be left with a metal product coated with an incredibly smooth, durable layer of soft plastic material. This process creates a protective and resilient coating that is corrosion resistant and resistant to chemicals like acids, alkalis, detergents and oils.

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