About Us

Why Piper Plastics Corp?

With over 50 years in business and over 100 combined work experience in processing plastisol, Piper Plastics Corp. is your “go-to” source for dip molding, dip coating, and fluid bed PVC powder coating. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve your most difficult molding and coating challenges.

If we don’t have a process that fits your needs, we are able to invent one. All of our molding and coating equipment was designed and built by Piper, ensuring that we are taking advantage of the latest technologies in heat transfer, motion, and control. These innovations enable us to deliver consistent, timely, and cost-effective products to our customers.

Additionally, Piper has vast experience in formulating plastisols for any application. The business was actually founded as a plastisol manufacturing company, and until very recently, has maintained the ability to mix its own compounds. However, that intimate knowledge of plastisol formulating has not been lost, and we are able to work faster and more efficiently with our vendors, providing our customers with exactly the right material for their application.

Finally, Piper has been ISO9001:2008 for the last 6 years. This doesn’t mean that Piper is perfect, as anyone who tells you that they are would be stretching the truth. However, you can be assured that when problems do arise, Piper is systematically well positioned to deal with those issues in a timely and professional manner.

Piper Plastics Corp. is truly the “GOLD Standard” for plastisol dip moldings and dip coatings.