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Dip molding is a plastic manufacturing process where a heated mandrel (or mold) is immersed in a tank of liquid polymers, such as plastisol.

The thermoplastic material coats the mandrel and begins to form a skin around the mold.

The hotter the mold and the longer the dip, the thicker the coating. The mold is then carefully extracted from the dipping tank, then proceeds to a post-heat, and finally a cooling process.

The vinyl part can be stripped from the mold after it has cooled to a solid. Even “female” parts produced on geometrically complicated “male” mandrels can be stripped relatively easily because the solidified material is quite elastic.

When necessary, the process can be repeated multiple times to build the molding to the desired thickness.

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Piper operates 19 fully automatic dip molding machines. All of our machines have been designed with the theory that if you can control as much as possible in the process, then you can repeatably make quality parts.

Our proprietary dipping systems have three main components: at least one oven, an accurate z-axis motion control for dipping, and the dip tank itself.

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Advantages of Dip Molding:

Intricate shapes on the inside of the part
Complex geometries
On-Site Mold & Tool making
CAD/CAM, SPC/SQC to Custom Specs.
All Colors, Textures & Durometers
FDA / USP/ UL / Automotive Materials
Thicknesses from .005″ to 1/2″

Our Dip Molded Products Include: