Things Piper does, and why we're really good at doing them...

Woven into Piper's DNA is our passion for inventing and perfecting manufacturing processes. We specialize in plastisol dip molding, plastisol dip coating, fluidized bed powder coating, small part rotational molding and plastisol casting.

We have the ability to perform a number of different coating and molding operations using thermoplastic materials. Additionally, we are always looking for an engineering challenge, and are willing to consider developing new processes if one of our standards isn't quite right for your application.  

The majority of our processes here at Piper contain three main elements: at least one high quality oven, an accurate z-axis motion controller, and a dipping vessel which holds the thermoplastic material. We've taken great care in developing each of these three main components within our core design philosophy of maximizing accuracy, repeatability and maintainability. Additionally, we don't rest on our laurels. We continually re-engineer and develop improvements for our three component systems, always keeping the our core design philosophy in mind. This enables Piper to stay at the cutting edge of thermoplastic dipping technology, continually improving our processes in order to deliver cost effective products to our customers of the highest quality.

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