When it comes to the design and manufacture of hand tools, the final step is typically to coat them with a plastic coating.


Plastisol Dipped Tool grip coatings make tools easier to hold & more comfortable for their user to handle.

Additionally, this protective layer also creates a non-slip grip, making handling the tool much easier and safer.

Whether you are looking to coat an entire piece or just the tool’s handle, we at Piper Plastics use a straightforward dip molding process to give your tools a comfortable and attractive protective grip.

Plastic grips and rubber dip coatings are completely customizable, and we will work with you to create the perfect tool grip coating for your products.

  • Grips can be customized in size, shape, texture, and color, ensuring that your products stand out on the hardware store shelves and in your customer’s hands.

Besides aesthetic advantages, the dip molding process protects metal and plastic objects from weathering, rust, corrosion, scratches, impacts, cracks, etc.

Whether your customers keep their tools in a shop, garage, truck, or toolbox, the plastic or rubber dip coatings will keep them protected.

To learn more about custom tool handle plastic grips and dip coatings, please send us a message or give us a call today at 800-966-9919.