The Difference Between Dip Molding and Dip Coating

Medical devices made using dip molding

You may be unfamiliar with the terms “dip molding” and “dip coating” but chances are you have used some type of tool or device that was at least partially made using these processes. Even if you have a passing familiarity with the terms, you may not know exactly what the difference in definition is between […]

How to Create a Custom Dip Molded or Dip Coated Part

medical dip molding in process

When you look at dip molded stethoscope tubing or a dip coated plumbing fitting, you probably don’t think about the process that goes into making it. There is a thorough development process behind every custom dip molded or coated part – a process that ranges in time from hours to weeks. Here at Piper Plastics, […]