Is Plastisol a Safe Material?

Plastisol Bar Equipment

Created from three key ingredients, PVC resin, a plasticizer package and a stabilizer package, plastisol is widely considered one of the safer man-made plastic materials on the market. It is derived from salt and ethylene and its creation uses less energy and has fewer emissions than most other plastic products. Plastisol can be used for […]

4 Commonly Used Plastics

Close Up of Different Types of Plastic

It’s a fact that we all use plastics throughout our daily lives. Whether it be the cups or bottles we drink out of, the containers that our food is stored in, the cookware and tools we use or anything in between, it is nearly impossible to avoid plastics. For something that is so regularly used, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Plastisol Dip Molding

Dip Molded Products

Plastisol dip molding is a process where a dipping mandrel is dipped into a liquid polymer, typically plastisol, to eventually create a solid form on the mandrel’s external surface. Most molds are very simple and inexpensive, and if automated, dip molding is competitive with most other molding processes. What Is Plastisol? Plastisol is a vinyl compound […]