Plastisol Dip Coating Examples by Piper Plastics Corp.

You’ve already seen some of the great products we’re able to make with our plastisol dip molding process, but now we’d like to show you the innards of the system that makes it all possible. That’s why we made a video to provide a detailed look at the three essential components of our dip molding process: the oven, the dipping axis system and the plastisol tank.

These three components work in conjunction with one another to provide consistent, repeatable results. The oven heats the plastisol to achieve the desired temperature, the axis system dips the mandrels in the liquid plastisol, and the tank maintains the integrity of the plastisol during the dipping process. Meanwhile, an integrated computer system provides continuous temperature and velocity feedback to ensure each dip-molded product is properly formed.

Dip molding is an elegantly simple process that can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications. Check out the video below to take a closer look at our own dip molding system and see the process in action.

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