The Advantages of Plastisol for Electronics

We are surrounded by electricity. From our lights to our TVs, we hardly ever enter a room that’s not powered, in some form, by electricity. Part of what makes the lights turn on are the wires, fittings, connectors, and other components used in our electronics. While some of these components are made out of metal, more and more are being molded and coated by plastisol. This is due to the extra advantages a plastisol-based electrical component can bring:

Plastisol is water-resistant

Needless to say, water and electricity don’t mix. You need to make sure that your electrical equipment is kept safe from water, especially if it resides in a high-moisture environment. Plastisol, thankfully, can create a waterproof seal that prevents water from seeping into the electrical component.

There is a lot of design flexibility

Plastisol can be used for components of all shapes and sizes. This is extremely beneficial for almost any product, but especially so for electrical connectors that need to be custom-formed to accommodate specific dimensions.

It doesn’t conduct heat

Or at least, it does it very poorly, an added safety feature that plastisol can bring to your home or business. From 2012-2016, electrical fires were the second-leading cause of U.S. home fires (right behind unattended equipment). That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure that your electrical equipment is coated in flame-retardant material such as plastisol.

But it’s a great insulator

Just as it doesn’t conduct heat, plastisol also doesn’t conduct electricity. You may think that’s counter-intuitive, but in fact, electrical components need to be well-insulated so that people aren’t accidentally electrocuted. Plastisol, thankfully, has a high dielectric strength, making it a great insulator. These insulators are then used in the sheathings and connectors that surround electrical wiring.

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