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Piper Plastics works hard to ensure that our products are safe for all consumers. It’s why we provide materials that are non-phthalate and that are compliant with regulations such as RoHS. We also provide products that are REACH compliant. Read on to learn more:

What does REACH mean?

REACH is a European Union regulation similar to that of RoHS. It stands for Regulation, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). It was instituted in June of 2007 to regulate the production of chemical substances to better protect human health and decrease the risk of adverse environmental impact. Unlike RoHS, which only applies to hazardous substances, REACH applies to all chemical substances that are used and produced.

How do you become REACH compliant?

In order to become REACH compliant, a company must identify and manage any potential health and environmental risks that could arise from the chemical substances that they manufacture. In other words, they must make consumers aware of the potential risks and then work to alleviate those risks by proving to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) how the substances can be safely used.

What kinds of companies are affected by REACH?

Because REACH applies to all chemical substances that are used and produced, it applies to a much wider range of companies than RoHS. Manufacturers who produce chemical substances or who use the chemical substances for their own products are typically among the companies that must be REACH compliant. It must also be noted that REACH is an EU regulation, meaning that only companies who work in the EU must follow its regulations. Nevertheless, many American companies should be REACH compliant in order to better protect their American customers.

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