Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds that are commonly used as a plasticizer to increase the flexibility of plastics. They are extremely good at keeping plastics from breaking and cracking, however, they are not actually bound to these plastics. This makes it possible for the chemicals to leach out where they can be ingested or absorbed.

Many plastic children’s toys and accessories contain phthalates, so it’s important to keep your child protected by using non-phthalate products when possible. This includes items they may chew on or items that hold water where phthalates can potentially leach out.

One such item is a baby tub. If you are a new parent, we suggest choosing a non-phthalate tub as it will reduce the chances of your child either ingesting or absorbing these chemicals and eliminating the risks of any development issues.

Baby In Tub

Babies are at a higher risk for phthalate ingestion

As we know, babies are extremely curious. It is common to see them sucking, gnawing, or biting on their favorite toys and accessories. When these items are plastic and contain phthalates, the chemicals can be unknowingly ingested.

While you may not always be thrilled with your child playing with toys in this manner, it can be an important part of their development, so choosing a phthalate-free product is usually the ideal option to keep them safe.

Phthalates can leach into bath water

While ingestion is one of the leading ways for your child to be exposed to phthalates and plasticizers, they can also be absorbed into a child’s skin. If you bathe your child in a plastic tub, you may be exposing them to these chemicals.  

Phthalates have been shown to leach from plastic baby tubs, where they get into the bathing water, and are absorbed through your child’s skin.

They can create adverse effects for developing babies

You may be asking yourself what the exact dangers of phthalates are. While this is still a heated topic in the medical community, several studies have shown that prolonged exposure to phthalates can create development issues for babies and children, including problems with their nervous and reproductive systems.

In fact, some hospitals are now phasing phthalate-containing items out of units where children are cared for.

At Piper Plastics Corp., we understand the dangers that phthalates can possess. That is why we offer non- phthalate products to our customers that include moldings, coatings, and components for a wide variety of industries. To learn more about our selection of phthalate-free products, we ask that you call us today at 800-966-9919.

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