While most people are aware of the durable and dependable products that are made from dip molding, many are unaware of the advanced machinery that is used to create the uniform moldings each time.  

From the ovens the mandrels are heated in, to the controlled dipping axis or the dip tank itself, there are several key parts and processes required for a successful dip molding.

When you need dip moldings for your products, make sure you’re working with an experienced dip molding company that utilizes these tools for the uniform caps, tips, grips, handles, inflatables, cushions, boots and more that you require.  

Dip molded products

A forced air convection oven

An essential part of a successful dip molding operation is a trustworthy oven. The better the oven, the better your parts will turn out.  

For durable, well-made dip moldings it is essential to use a forced air convection oven. Using either natural gas or electricity as the energy source, the ovens will feature heat chambers, efficient ductwork, plenum and controlled circulation for temperature stability throughout the entire dip molding process.

These ovens will provide stability and will ensure all mandrels are heated uniformly. Furthermore, custom PID controllers can allow for the temperature to be controlled within one degree.

Please note that a conventional oven should not be used for this process, as it will many times heat items unevenly.

A controlled dipping axis

Another important piece of the dip molding process is having a controlled dipping axis. Accurate, computer controlled robotic technologies will be used when dipping and withdrawing products to ensure a consistent, uniform dip each time.

This technology allows for feedback on both position and velocity, and has a resolution of .005″, ensure repeatability and accurate measurements up to a fraction of an inch.

For the very best dipping and withdrawing profiles, it is essential to have a proprietary PID controller for the z-axis.

A quality dip tank

Although the forced air convection oven and controlled dipping axis are essential to the dip molding process, the dip tank that your products will actually be placed into is just as important.

Dip tanks will need to be designed to provide control throughout the molding process, while allowing for proper agitation, filtration and temperature control.

For consistent and blemish free dip moldings every time, it is essential to have the proper dip tank.  

Choose Piper Plastics

When you’re looking for a trusted plastics company to handle all of your businesses dip molding needs, we ask that you call on our experienced team at Piper Plastics.

We proudly design, develop and build custom dip molding machinery that is computer-controlled, precise and efficient.

Our proprietary oven technology utilizes high velocity forced air and PID control accurate to ±1°F at 450 degrees. Our dipping profiles are infinitely adjustable with resolution and accuracy of .005” and 0.1”/minute in position and velocity.

These technologies will result in beautiful dip moldings, lower costs and time saved because of low rejection rates, fast setup time and fast cycle times.

At Piper Plastics, we proudly operate 19 dipping systems in both industrial and cleanroom environments and are available 24 hours a day to meet the needs of our customers in a timely fashion.

To learn more about our dip molding process, the products that we can assist with or should you have any other questions, we ask that you reach out to our friendly and experienced team today at 800-966-9919.

It will be a pleasure to provide you with dip moldings your require for tool handles, medical equipment, caps, tips, inflatables, cushions, boots and more.

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