Construction tools coated in plastic

While plastic coatings can be applied to many different types of products, they are often added to metals because of the comfort and protection they provide, their insulating properties and more.  

When you want to add softness, comfortable gripping power and more to your metal tools and equipment, plastic coating is the ideal choice.

In this blog we will discuss a few interesting facts that show why plastic coating is such a popular option for businesses that frequently use metal to get the job done.

It forms an incredibly tight bond

Once plastic coating is created it is bonded to a dipping mandrel (the part that is being coated). When it is properly primed, it can create an extremely tight bond that will make it nearly impossible to be removed from the mandrel.

If someone tries to remove a plastic coating from a properly primed metal part, they will actually tear the plastic coating itself before it detaches from the metal. This means the adhesion of the plastic coating to the metal substrate is actually greater than the cohesion of the plastic coating itself.

It is used by the US Military

With the plastic coating of metal being such an effective tool, it is no surprise that it is used by the US military. This coating is used for a variety of military equipment that includes everything from weapons to fighter jet parts, electrical boxes, furniture and more.

The US Military has an unbelievable amount of equipment that is made from metal, and much of it requires protection from the elements in order to stay in top condition. Plastic coating is one of the most effective means of protection in these instances and can aide in equipment lasting for many years without breaking down.

It provides corrosion resistance

As stated above, the military uses these coatings to keep their equipment from breaking down over time. One of the reasons for this is because plastic coating is extremely resistant to corrosion.

When metals continually come into contact with oxygen, hydrogen, electrical currents, or even dirt and bacteria, they will corrode and can be deemed ineffective for use.

Whether it be a pair of pliers, a wrench, medical equipment, larger industrial equipment or anything in between, it is important to protect these objects from corrosion and breaking down by adding something such as a plastic coating.

It is resistant to chemicals as well

Another interesting fact about the addition of plastic coating to metals is its ability to protect against chemical damage. This protective and resistant plastic coating can keep chemicals such as acids, alkalis, detergents, oils and some solvents at bay and off of your metals. This will leave them in good working condition for years to come and free from rust and any other problems.

No matter what the application may be, it is clear that there are many benefits to having plastic coatings added to metal equipment. Should you run a business and are interested in utilizing plastic coatings for your metal supplies, we invite you to give our expert team a call at Piper Plastics.

With over 50 years in the plastics business and over 100 years of combined plastisol processing experience, we are the team to call for all your coating needs. We specialize in the addition of plastic plastisol coatings to a variety of metal equipment from tool handles to electrical connectors, plumbing fittings, medical instruments and more.

For added functionality, safety, insulation and comfort when using your metal equipment, we invite you to give us a call today at (800) 966-9919 to learn more!

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