A male patient with a nasal cannula prays in a hospital room

Millions of Americans live with some sort of respiratory illness, and many of those people are often in need of respiratory support some or all of the time. One such tool that is used to aid these respiratory patients is the dip molded nasal cannula.

This is a medical device used to deliver supplemental oxygen to patients in need. It consists of a small, lightweight tube with two prongs that are inserted into the patient’s nostrils. The other end of the tube is connected to an oxygen source, delivering a continuous flow of oxygen directly into the patient’s respiratory system. Here’s what these remarkable devices, made via dip molding, provide for patients:

Comfortable and Gentle Fit

One of the primary advantages of dip molded nasal cannulas is the comfort they provide to patients. The soft, pliable plastic material ensures a gentle fit in the nostrils, reducing any discomfort or irritation during use. Dip molded cannulas are lightweight and non-intrusive, allowing patients to wear them for extended periods without discomfort. Plus, they are softer and more comfortable than injection-molded nasal cannulas and don’t have external seams, which can cause irritation.

Precise Oxygen Delivery

Another significant benefit of dip molded nasal cannulas is the precise delivery of supplemental oxygen to patients. The customization options offered by dip molding allow for a perfect fit, ensuring that the cannulas deliver oxygen effectively. The prongs of the cannula are designed to fit securely in the nostrils, preventing any leaks and maximizing the amount of oxygen delivered.

Freedom of Movement

Dip molded nasal cannulas provide patients with the freedom to move and carry on with their daily activities while receiving oxygen therapy. Unlike with some other oxygen delivery systems that may restrict them, patients can continue with their regular routines, improving their quality of life during the recovery or treatment process.

Dipmolded nasal cannulas are essential medical devices that provide comfort, oxygen, and the freedom to keep living your life. At Piper Plastics, dip molded nasal cannulas are a major part of our plastic manufacturing services. Our commitment to quality ensures that the nasal cannulas we manufacture meet the highest standards of the medical industry. Our high-quality nasal cannulas contribute to positive patient outcomes. Give us a call at 800-966-9919 to learn more about the plastic manufacturing services we offer today!

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