How Tools and Equipment are Improved by Dip Coating

Tools with grips made via dip coating

Dip coating is an innovative process that can significantly enhance various tools and equipment. From improving grip and durability to adding protective layers, dip coating has transformed the way we interact with certain products. Here’s how dip coating is making a difference in the world of tools and equipment: What is Dip Coating? Before we […]

Enhancing Product Performance with Plastic Dip Coating

Construction tools coated in plastic

Plastic dip coating is used as a finishing touch when creating a variety of products, many of which you may use on a regular basis. This common technique can improve the performance of certain tools and other objects. Here’s how: What is Plastic Dip Coating? Plastic dip coating essentially gives your product a second skin, […]

Fun Facts About Dip Molding and Coating

A green graphic with white lettering that reads "Fun Fact."

Dip molding and dip coating are almost identical processes which both create new plastic products and enhance existing ones. Although you may not realize it, you likely use products made via these processes quite often. In fact, there’s a lot you might not know about these two processes. So, here are some fun facts about […]

Common Items Made Using Dip Molding

A pair of pliers with red dip coating

While you may have never heard of the dip molding technique, you’ve almost certainly used a product that was made via this process, perhaps as recently as today. Dip molding is a process where a mandrel is dipped into a liquid polymer to create a plastic product with a specific design. This process tends to […]

3 Things to Know About Dip Coating

What is the Process for Creating Dip Molded Parts?

The list of everyday appliances that are dip coated are endless. Medical equipment, electrical appliances, even military-grade items are all dip coated. However, if you’re planning on getting some of your equipment dip coated, there are some things to know before you do: Dip coating is very similar to dip molding Dip molding is a […]

Problems Dip Coating and Dip Molding Solve

Custom Dip Molding and Dip Coating

There are lots of different processes that companies can use when producing plastic and rubber parts. But two of the best processes available are dip molding and dip coating. Dip molding is a process that involves the dipping of a mandrel into liquid polymer to create a new plastic product. Dip coating on the other […]

Plastic Manufacturing Trends for 2018

Dip Molding Products

Plastic continues to be one of the most popular materials in the world when it comes to manufacturing. Plastic manufacturers are finding all kinds of new ways to incorporate plastic into the mix. And there are so many manufacturing trends in 2018 that involve plastic. Check out some of those trends below. Medical technology is […]