plastisol coated plumbing fittings by Piper Plastics Corp.

ADA compliant plumbing fittings play a minor yet important role in the lives of many, but it’s likely that very few think about how they’re made or what their function is. The reality is they are key to ensuring accessibility, safety, and convenience for everyone, including those with disabilities. Here’s what you need to know about these important parts:

Crafting ADA Compliant Plumbing Fittings with Dip Molding and Coating

The Dip Molding Process

Dip molding and coating are versatile plastic manufacturing techniques that involves immersing a mandrel into a liquid plastic material, allowing it to gradually build up and cure. Dip molding is used to create entirely new products while dip coating allows you to coat an existing product with plastic. These methods allow for precision in creating complex shapes, making them ideal for producing ADA compliant plumbing fittings.

Meeting ADA Standards

ADA compliant plumbing fittings are meticulously crafted to meet the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These standards ensure that public spaces are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Dip molding and coating enable the creation of fittings with the required dimensions, contours, and surface finishes to comply with ADA regulations.

The Purpose of ADA Compliant Plumbing Fittings

ADA compliant plumbing fittings serve a vital purpose in creating accessible and inclusive environments. These under-sink plumbing fittings help protect people with disabilities from sharp edges and burns from pipes in public spaces such as restrooms.

The Significance of ADA Compliance

Ensuring ADA compliance in plumbing fittings is not just a matter of following regulations; it’s about creating spaces that are welcoming and functional for everyone. ADA compliance is a commitment to inclusivity, recognizing the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. By adhering to these standards, we contribute to a more accessible and equitable society, where everyone can use public spaces safely, without fear of being cut or burned by plumbing pipes.

For top-quality ADA compliant plumbing fittings and a wide range of plastic manufacturing solutions, you can rely on us at Piper Plastics. With our expertise in plastic manufacturing, including dip molding and coating, we are committed to producing components that meet the highest standards of quality and compliance. When it comes to creating accessible and inclusive environments, trust Piper Plastics to deliver. Call 800-966-9919 to learn more!

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