The Differences Between PVC and Nylon

A glass container holds PVC powder

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyamide – better known as Nylon – are both plastics that are used in many capacities in the world of plastic manufacturing. In their powder form, they are an important part of the fluidized bed coating process. But which one is used for a specific job will depend on what is […]

What Are Thermoplastics?

bar supplies

Thermoplastics are incredibly versatile and efficient, that’s why they’re used in many of our everyday objects. But do you know what they are? Here we break down the basics of thermoplastics and the different kinds you will run across. Thermoplastics—The Basics As the name suggests, thermoplastics are a type of plastic that can be fused, […]

Learn More About the Materials We Use at Piper Plastics

Dip molded products

Recently, we shared a video that offers an up-close look at our plastisol dip molding process. Now, we’d like to give you another look at the various materials we use when dip molding and coating. Although plastisol is the most common material we work with, we use a number of other materials for specialized applications […]