Recently, we shared a video that offers an up-close look at our plastisol dip molding process. Now, we’d like to give you another look at the various materials we use when dip molding and coating. Although plastisol is the most common material we work with, we use a number of other materials for specialized applications as well. These include polyvinyl chloride and nylon. We can also add other ingredients to the dip molding formula to change the color, texture or other physical properties of our products.

In our latest video, you’ll also see how we make products with fluidized bed PVC powder. This material is effectively the same as plastisol, except that it is in a powder form at room temperature instead of a liquid. Watch at is seems to defy the laws of physics, adhering seamlessly to metal products.

Check out the video below to learn more about the materials and processes we use at Piper Plastics!

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