Plastics are used in just about all walks of life, and there are a variety of different industries that have benefited greatly from finding innovative new ways to incorporate plastics. But you could make the argument that no industry has benefited more from plastics than the medical industry. Techniques like dip molding have made it possible to create plastic medical equipment that can be utilized in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and more. You might actually be surprised by just how much plastic you will find in the average medical facility.

Plastics are easy to keep sterile

There are so many different medical tools that are made out of plastic. From disposable plastic syringes to heart valves, plastic is at the root of many important devices that are used to heal people and keep them feeling their best. Plastic is relied upon because it’s fairly easy to keep it sterile when it’s used properly. This allows for increased safety in medical facilities.

Plastics deliver comfort to patients and are cheaper than other materials

Many medical tools were previously made out of metal, which caused allergic reactions in some patients. Plastics are also significantly more cost-effective than other types of materials. It helps keep costs down for both medical professionals and those who seek their services.

Plastic will continue to improve the medical industry

The best part is that the medical industry is only just beginning to scratch the surface with regards to utilizing plastic. You will already find plenty of plastics in the industry, but there are new surgical devices being made out of plastic every day. Pacemakers, joint replacements, prosthetics, stents, and so many other products are made using plastics that deliver a superior experience for everyone involved in a medical procedure.

In the coming years, plastic is going to continue to impact the medical industry like never before, and Piper Plastics plans to be at the center of it all. For more than four decades now, we have been dip molding parts for medical device manufactures. We are very good at it and have enormous production capability! To learn more about how we can help your company create plastic medical supplies, call us at 800-966-9919 today.

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