How Dip Molding Creates Better Medical Devices

An array of medical equipment, including a stethoscope

It’s indisputable that dip molding has played a pivotal role in creating better medical devices of all kinds. From stethoscope tubing to nasal cannulas and much more, dip molding has revolutionized the medical industry with its versatile and precise manufacturing process. Here’s some more information on how dip molding has changed the world of health […]

The Importance of Dip Molded Nasal Cannula in the Medical Field

A patient lays in a hospital bed. A nasal cannula helps her receive oxygen from a machine

The world is full of important devices and parts of devices that we rarely think about. Sometimes we even overlook things that are incredibly important to our own lives. If you’re like most people, you likely never think spend time pondering dip molded nasal cannula. But it’s an important piece of equipment made via a […]

The Importance of Dip Molding to the World of Medicine

A stethoscope surrounded by health foods such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

In hospitals and medical offices across the country, doctors and other medical professionals use a variety of products and pieces of equipment to treat patients. Many of these products are made of plastic and many of those are made through the process of medical dip molding. Medical dip molding is just a sub-process of standard […]

Why Plastics Are So Popular in the Medical Industry

Plastic cannulas

While plastics are a useful option in most industries, the medical field is one area that benefits more than most from this material and its associated products. With medical dip molding becoming such an effective product in the medical arena, the industry has become more and more dependent on plastic products to effectively take care […]

5 Common Uses of Medical Dip Molding

Anesthesia Mask

Medical dip molding is a popular process for creating durable medical equipment, and its use can be seen in a wide range of medical products. Medical dip molding is created from a sub-process where a mandrel (mold) will be dipped into a specially designed polymer known as plastisol. It will eventually be post heated and […]

The Benefits of Dip Molded Medical Equipment

stethoscope tubing by Piper Plastics Corp.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many hospitals have been running dangerously low on much-needed medical equipment. Not only is this extremely concerning for those who are suffering from the coronavirus, but it also brings up the question of how to avoid shortages like this in the future. There are many ways to manufacture […]

How Plastic is Shaping the Medical Industry

Plastic Molded Anesthesia Masks

Plastics are used in just about all walks of life, and there are a variety of different industries that have benefited greatly from finding innovative new ways to incorporate plastics. But you could make the argument that no industry has benefited more from plastics than the medical industry. Techniques like dip molding have made it […]

Dip Molded Nasal Cannulas – All About Comfort

dip molded nasal cannula by Piper Plastics Corp.

Here at Piper Plastics, we proudly produce a wide range of medical components using our dip molding technology. One of the medical products most frequently manufactured is the dip molded nasal cannula. What is a Nasal Cannula? Used in every hospital across the US, you are sure to have seen nasal cannulas – both on […]