Dip MoldingPlastic continues to be one of the most popular materials in the world when it comes to manufacturing. Plastic manufacturers are finding all kinds of new ways to incorporate plastic into the mix. And there are so many manufacturing trends in 2018 that involve plastic. Check out some of those trends below.

Medical technology is allowing for the use of more and more plastics

Once upon a time, people would have been scared off by the idea of doctors using plastics during complex medical procedures. But these days, doctors use all kinds of plastic parts during even the most advanced surgeries. They’re even finding ways to use plastics to regrow tissues and save lives. The dip molding process used by companies like Piper Plastics allows for reliable medical parts and tools to be manufactured and used in medical facilities on a global scale.

Automotive manufacturers are finding innovative ways to utilize plastics in cars

Just about all automotive manufacturers are committed to improving the fuel economy of their vehicles these days. As a result, they’re racing to find new ways to use plastics in their cars. It cuts down on the weight of cars while providing excellent performance. They’re also using plastics to make things like autonomous driving sensors and other new forms of vehicle technology.

The fashion world is even using plastics in whole new ways

Would you purchase a plastic hat or plastic jewelry? High-end designers like Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Jimmy Choo are betting you will. They’ve utilized plastic polymers in a lot of their latest fashion creations. It might not be long before we see that approach to fashion crossover into the mainstream.

At Piper Plastics, we’re excited to see all the new ways the manufacturing world is using plastics. We use dip molding and dip coating to make plastic medical devices and so much more. Contact us today to see how we might be able to help you with your plastic parts and products.

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