One of the benefits of dip molding is that is can be used for a wide variety of applications in a wide variety of industries. Whether it’s for the military or for a medical office, dip molding can manufacture parts quickly, easily, and at a cheaper cost than other forms of production.  

Here are just some of the different industries that can use dip molding to manufacture the parts that they need: 


Did you know that many of the every-day equipment used by doctors and nurses are actually made through dip molding? Items such as nasal cannulas, enema tips, even stethoscope tubing are all produced through dip molding or dip coating techniques.  

Engineering and Electronics 

Because plastisol, the most commonly used material in dip molding, is both water- and heat-resistant, it is often used to manufacture electrical parts. Plastisol is also a great insulator, a feature that becomes a necessity when working with electronics. 


To prevent leaks, plumbing parts need to be durable and well-insulated. By crafting those parts through dip molding, you can do just that. Many of the plumbing parts that we at Piper Plastics have produced are ADA compliant and were installed under the sinks of public places.


Many of the tools and equipment that soldiers and other military personnel use on the front lines are often made out of dip molding. At Piper Plastics, we helped develop the military plastisol coating specification back in the 1960s, and we’ve been producing military equipment ever since. 

These are just a few of the many industries that can benefit from using dip molded parts. To learn more about how your industry could use dip molding, contact Piper Plastics today at 800-966-9919

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