Plastisol dip coating can be found on a wide variety of tools and equipment and has been proven to be a durable and extremely useful product. A plastic/rubber-like coating, plastisol can be added to most any tool and will provide the grip, comfort, insulation and corrosion resistance you need.

These coatings can be applied to tools for both do-it-yourself homeowners and business owners who need practical and reliable equipment.  

Whether it be pliers, screwdrivers, clamps or any other piece of equipment, products with plastisol dip coating will prove to be a great addition to your tool set.

Pliers with plastisol dip coating


Pliers are one of the most popular tools as they have such a wide variety of uses. Whether it be for tackling odd jobs around the house or making sure your business runs at peak efficiency, comfortable and practical pliers are a necessity.  

When you choose to add plastisol dip coating to your pliers, you’ll be getting a tool that is not only great at bending and cutting, but one that has a strong and comfortable grip.


Similarly, screwdrivers benefit from having this coating added as it gives the user a secure grip to help handle work with more efficiency and with less strain. The durability of this material will be an added bonus and it will not deteriorate over time, no matter how much force you exert on it.


Clamps are another tool where you’ll want to have a comfortable grip. Depending on the task, you’ll be placing a large amount of pressure on it with your hand, and you’ll want a coating and grip that will last and won’t cause injury.

Electrical Equipment

Plastisol dip coating can be added to certain electrical equipment for added safety and insulation. If you regularly work with electrical equipment and want to make sure you or your employees are safe, consider adding this to electrical connectors, sheathing cable and other electrical equipment.

Plumbing Equipment

This coating can be added to a wide range of plumbing equipment and can commonly be found on plumbing fitters for easy installations or removal.

When you’re interested in utilizing plastisol dip coatings for your equipment, we invite you to give our experts a call at Piper Plastics.

We specialize in adding plastisol dip coatings to a variety of tool handles, electrical connectors, plumbing fittings, medical instruments and more. For added functionality, safety, insulation and comfort when using your equipment, give us a call at (800) 966-9919.

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