Benefits of Plastisol Tool Grips

Plastisol Tool Grip for Screwdriver

If you operate a company that regularly uses hand tools, you know the importance of having tools that are functional and built to last. If you’re looking for a way to make your hand tools easier to grip, want to protect them from wear and tear and more, consider purchasing hand tools with a plastisol […]

The Many Benefits of Plastisol Dip Coating

Plastisol coated screwdriver

When you’re looking for a protective material to add to your tools or products, while also getting the comfort you require, consider plastisol dip coating. Plastisol dip coating is a coating that can be placed directly over a dipping mandrel (the item you want coated) and will form an extremely tight bond with your product. […]

5 Common Uses of Medical Dip Molding

Anesthesia Mask

Medical dip molding is a popular process for creating durable medical equipment, and its use can be seen in a wide range of medical products. Medical dip molding is created from a sub-process where a mandrel (mold) will be dipped into a specially designed polymer known as plastisol. It will eventually be post heated and […]

Top Products that Utilize Plastisol Dip Coating

Pliers with plastisol dip coating

Plastisol dip coating can be found on a wide variety of tools and equipment and has been proven to be a durable and extremely useful product. A plastic/rubber-like coating, plastisol can be added to most any tool and will provide the grip, comfort, insulation and corrosion resistance you need. These coatings can be applied to […]

The Benefits of Using Dip Molding for Prototypes

bar supplies

With any new product, a business will have to go through several designs and prototypes until they reach the final end-product. A prototype is the first proof on concept, and tweaking this initial design allows inventions to evolve into real, useful products. Since a number of these initial variations will never be sold or mass […]

What is Plastisol?

stethoscope tubing by Piper Plastics Corp.

If you have heard the term plastisol and wondered, “What is that?” you are not alone. Many people don’t know what plastisol is, even though this material is one we come in contact with on a regular basis. The Origins of Plastisol Plastisol first became popular during World War II when rubber was being rationed […]

Dip Molding vs. Dip Coating

What Was the Original Purpose of Plastisol?

Although the terms “dip molding” and “dip coating” sound very similar and require the same materials, they are actually two different processes used to create and improve products in a variety of industries. Dip molding involves the dipping of a mandrel into a liquid polymer to create a new plastic product while dip coating involves […]