A pair of pliers with red dip coating

While you may have never heard of the dip molding technique, you’ve almost certainly used a product that was made via this process, perhaps as recently as today.

Dip molding is a process where a mandrel is dipped into a liquid polymer to create a plastic product with a specific design. This process tends to be fairly cost-effective and can be used to create a vast array of plastic products. Here are just a few of them:

Plumbing Parts

Some plumbing parts are made using dip molding techniques. For example, you may notice if you look under the sink in a public bathroom that there are plastic moldings around the watertight fittings. These moldings, made via dip molding, are there to ensure the bathroom is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Essentially, these prevent burns, cuts and bruises in case someone who is quadriplegic or paraplegic.


If you’ve held a pair of pliers recently, you know that it’s not 100% metal. The grips at the end are sometimes made using dip molding or dip coating techniques. This provides both comfort and better grip when using the tool. It also protects you from electrical shocks when working with electrical equipment.

Car Parts

You may not think about it while you’re driving, but there are so many parts and systems in your car that ensure your vehicle is working as it should. Many of these parts of made using dip molding. One example of this is car batter terminal covers, which can help prevent battery corrosion.

Medical Devices

Medical devices can have a wide range of purposes – sometimes it can be used at the least urgent of checkups and sometimes it’s key to saving a person’s life in an emergency, while serving every purpose in-between. Dip molding techniques are used to manufacturer medical devices of all kinds, including catheter balloons, stethoscope tubing, enema tips, y-connectors, and nasal cannulas.

These are just a few of the industries that use dip molding to create and enhance their products. If you think your business would benefit from dip molding, Piper Plastics is here for you. Call us today at 800-966-9919 to learn more about our molding and coating services.

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