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While fluidized bed coating is a remarkably similar process to dip molding and dip coating, it’s actually used to make a different set of products. In all likelihood, you’ve used one of these products before without knowing exactly how it was made.

The Process

Fluidized bed coating is actually a fairly simple process. Essentially, the fluidized bed contains either polyvinyl chloride or nylon power with air blown into the bed from the bottom. The air causes the powder to fluidize and then begin to act as though it is a liquid.

The item that is going to be coated is preheated, dipped in a fluidized bed, taken out, heated again and then cooled. Generally, this is used to put plastic coating on sheet metal and wire-forms and can be done in a variety of colors and any size. Unlike with the dip coating process, it’s harder to form a well-defined dip line in a fluidized bed so the process is mainly used for products that are going to be fully coated. The coating be resilient and resistant to corrosion.

The Products

One of the most popular uses of fluidized bed coating is to make wire shelving units. You might have one or more of these in your home, as they’re often used to organize closet space. Point of purchase displays that you see at a variety of stores are also made using this process. You may have small wire baskets to store odds and ends in your home. Chances are, these were made using bed coating. The process is also used to create wire forms, brackets and other products.

Bed Coating Services

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