The Importance of Quality Moldings and Coatings for Cable Management Systems

Cable Management Devices

Considering how many technological devices we keep in our homes and offices; cable management has become an important task. No one wants all their cords tangled up or causing clutter and chaos. Because of this, people have increasingly begun using cable management systems. However, these systems are only as good as the materials they’re made […]

The Differences Between PVC and Nylon

A glass container holds PVC powder

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyamide – better known as Nylon – are both plastics that are used in many capacities in the world of plastic manufacturing. In their powder form, they are an important part of the fluidized bed coating process. But which one is used for a specific job will depend on what is […]

The Positive Impact Fluidized Bed Coating has on a Product

A wire closet rack, which is enhanced by fluidized bed coating

There’s an old saying that when it comes to a lot of products you enjoy, that you don’t want to know “how the sausage is made.” Essentially, this means that knowing the details of how a product is created before it’s sold to you may ruin said product for you. But that’s certainly not the […]

Products That Are Made Using Fluidized Bed Coating

A wire closet rack, which is enhanced by fluidized bed coating

While fluidized bed coating is a remarkably similar process to dip molding and dip coating, it’s actually used to make a different set of products. In all likelihood, you’ve used one of these products before without knowing exactly how it was made. The Process Fluidized bed coating is actually a fairly simple process. Essentially, the […]