A wire closet rack

There’s an old saying that when it comes to a lot of products you enjoy, that you don’t want to know “how the sausage is made.” Essentially, this means that knowing the details of how a product is created before it’s sold to you may ruin said product for you.

But that’s certainly not the case when it comes to products made via fluidized bed coating. In fact, this process enhances products you use and see every day. Here’s how:

How it Works

The process is fairly simple and somewhat similar to dip coating. You start with a fluidized bed that contains either polyvinyl chloride or nylon power and blow into air from the bottom. The air causes the power to fluidize, and it will then begin to act as though it is a liquid.

Next you take the item that is going to be coated and preheat it, dip it in the bed, take it out, heat it again, and then cool it. The process is generally used to put a plastic coating on sheet metal and wire forms of all colors and sizes. These products tend to be fully coated.

The Products and Benefits

This process is used to create and enhance a number of products, many of which you likely see on a daily basis. This includes the wire shelving units that you might use to organize closet space. It also includes purchase displays you find at stores, small wire baskets you use to store things in your home, wire forms, brackets, and more.

These products undergo the fluidized bed coating process for a few reasons. It makes the products more attractive for consumers by making them resistant to corrosion while also protective and resilient. Essentially, it enhances products by making them longer lasting. The process is also convenient for manufacturers as it can be done in all different kinds of colors and for products all sizes – from small parts to large, finished products.

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