Anesthesia Mask

Medical dip molding is a popular process for creating durable medical equipment, and its use can be seen in a wide range of medical products.

Medical dip molding is created from a sub-process where a mandrel (mold) will be dipped into a specially designed polymer known as plastisol. It will eventually be post heated and cooled, and the medical components will be stripped from the mandrel.

Whether it be nasal cannulas, stethoscope tubing, spring reinforced tubing or any other medical components, medical dip molding will provide you with medical equipment that has the strength and durability you need.  

Nasal Cannulas

Nasal cannulas are used for patients who have trouble getting enough oxygen, allowing them to breath normally and keep their body functioning as it should.

Placed in the nose to provide the required air, these devices play an extremely important role in the health of a patient, making it essential to have equipment that works properly and won’t break down over time.  

Nasal cannulas made from medical dip molding will offer the strength and protection required for hospital settings, home use or anything in between.

Stethoscope Tubing

Stethoscopes made from medical dip molding have become a popular option in recent years, as the plastisol has been proven to last for years. Doctors need every minute they can get and don’t have time to worry about a stethoscope that wears down easily.

Stethoscopes made from medical dip molding have also been shown to be gentle on skin, making it a favorite for doctors and physicians, as they will typically have the stethoscope around their neck throughout most of the day.

Spring Reinforced Medical Tubing

Spring reinforced medical tubing has a wide range of uses that includes connecting patients to heart and lung machines during cardiac surgery.

As these are used for very delicate procedures, it is essential that they are made from materials that won’t malfunction at a moment’s notice. When made with medical dip molding, spring reinforced medical tubing will provide the protection and durability that is required for most procedures.

Better yet, it is approved for blood contact and is made ultra-clear for practicality. It is also manufactured to be bubble free to meet all your requirements.   

Enema Tips

Enema Tips made with medical dip molding have become a preferred option in recent years as they are made from lightweight materials, provide comfort and come in several options.  

These enema tips can be manufactured in non-phthalate plastisol, single lumen or with a silicone rubber inflation cuff glued to the tip.

Anesthesia Masks

Anesthesia masks are essential in the medical field for a variety of procedures, and when made with a medical dip molding, will be able to reliably provide patients with anesthetics without issue.

These moldings will offer a secure mask that you can trust to give to your patients, and as an added bonus, the materials used contain an agent that gives the mask anti-microbial properties.

When you’re looking to add new medical equipment to your hospital or medical office and want products that are reliable and will stand up to the daily wear and tear of a medial setting, we ask that you consider medical dip moldings from our team at Piper Plastics.

Since 1972, we have provided well made, durable medical dip moldings to hospitals and other medical facilities and are proud to be known as one of the leaders in the field.

We test all of our moldings for clarity, blemishes and foreign materials and promise to provide you with high quality equipment each and every time.

When you’re interested in purchasing these cost-effective pieces of medical equipment, we ask that you reach out to our friendly and experienced staff at 800-966-9919; we look forward to proving you with the trusted medical dip moldings you require!

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