Plastic cannulas

While plastics are a useful option in most industries, the medical field is one area that benefits more than most from this material and its associated products.

With medical dip molding becoming such an effective product in the medical arena, the industry has become more and more dependent on plastic products to effectively take care of patients.

Whether it be the ease it takes to clean plastic equipment, its variety of uses or its affordability, it is no surprise that plastics, including medical dip moldings, have come to play such an important role in hospitals, doctor’s offices and more.

They’re easy to keep clean

One of the reasons plastics are relied upon so heavily in the medical field is because they are easy to clean and keep sterile. This not only helps protect patients, but the medical professionals who work with medical equipment daily.

Whether it be disposable plastic syringes, heart valves or anything in between, it is essential that these products are always clean and safe for use.

They’re an affordable option

Another reason why plastics are popular in the medical industry is because of their affordability.

They not only cost less than other types of medical supplies, such as those made from metal, but they can last longer when cared for properly, making them the more cost-effective option overall.

Since medical professionals are always looking to keep costs low for their own benefit and the benefit of the patient, plastics are the smart choice.  

They have a variety of uses

While plastics have been used in the medical industry for years, there are new surgical devices being made from plastic every day, further expanding plastic’s capabilities in the field. Pacemakers, joint replacements, prosthetics, stents and many other products are made using plastics that deliver a superior experience.

Another reason why there is such a variety of medical plastics available today is due to the advancements being made in the field of medical dip molding.

Medical dip molding helps create a variety of durable and long-lasting plastic medical components that include nasal cannulas, stethoscope tubing, spring reinforced medical tubing, enema tips, anesthesia masks and much more.

When you’re looking to add new medical equipment to your hospital or medical office and want products that are reliable in a medical setting, we ask that you try medical dip moldings from our team at Piper Plastics.

For nearly 50 years, we have provided well made, durable medical dip moldings to hospitals and other medical facilities and are proud to be known as one of the leaders in the field.

We test all our moldings for clarity, blemishes and foreign materials and promise to provide you with high quality equipment each and every time.

When you’re interested in purchasing these cost-effective pieces, we ask that you reach out to our staff at 800-966-9919.

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