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Dip molding and dip coating are almost identical processes which both create new plastic products and enhance existing ones. Although you may not realize it, you likely use products made via these processes quite often. In fact, there’s a lot you might not know about these two processes. So, here are some fun facts about them:

The Simple Difference Between the Two

The dip molding and dip coating processes are essentially identical, with the only real difference being the end result. Dip coating enhances a metal product by dipping it into a liquid polymer and covering a certain amount of it in plastisol. Think of the grip on a pair of metal pliers.

Dip molding, on the other hand, involves creating a whole new product. A mandrel – a metal tool used to mold the product you’re producing – is preheated and then dipped into the liquid polymer. At the end of the process, you remove the mandrel, and you have your finished product.

Use In the Medical Field

Plastics have become incredibly important in the medical field, due to their variety of uses and affordability. If you work in the medical field, you’re likely using a lot of products made via dip molding on a daily basis. Nasal Cannulas, used to help patients who have trouble breathing get enough oxygen, are made using dip molding. Other examples of common medical equipment made via this process include enema tips, stethoscope tubing, and much more.

Priming Can Create Powerful Adhesion

Generally, a customer with dip coating needs will give the company doing the coating the products that need to be dipped. Before the actual process begins, the dip coating company may perform a technique called priming, which makes the vinyl adhere to your parts, creating a bond so tight you couldn’t break it if you tried. And if you did, you’d actually tear the vinyl itself first, meaning the adhesion of the PVC to the metal is stronger than the cohesion of the vinyl itself.

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